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E-mail marketing to voter addresses is cost effective!

The cost to send an voter emailing is usually 60% less than direct Mail. You will be saving substantial monies with no printing and Postage costs!

Voter emails are quick!

Emails arrive almost immediately. There is no waiting, or checking with the Post Office. Your emails can be delivered at any time during the day or night. You avoid the normal waiting period for Post Office delivered mail!

Video and audio communications in your voter email broadcast are powerful methods that can be used to compliment your message.

Use video to drive more traffic to your website, where they can hear a new message about campaign activities, donating money, or an important issue that is actively being discussed in the campaign.

Registered voter emails don’t end up in the stacks of other political mail!

Your voter email messages won’t end up in the bottom of the mail box in front of the house, with all of the other political and commercial post office mail!

Voter emails can be easily personalized!

Email personalization helps your candidate or campaign speak directly to the voter and achieve the much-sought-after goal of one to one marketing.

Voter email targeting can be extremely effective to specific target groups!

Targeting veterans, or seniors with a compelling argument and a powerful creative will persuade voters, and send new traffic to the candidates web site.

The normal time consuming steps you have to take with direct mail are gone!

Emailing to voters saves you time and money because you do not have the expense and time delays of getting sign offs for art boards, printing, handling and delivery to the Post Office!

Email validity tracking reports are delivered to your campaign.

Mailers-Direct provides detailed tracking reports to all clients free of charge after your email campaign is completed. This report will confirm that all names were sent and that the mailing was 100% completed. In addition, number of emails that were opened, and the number of “click throughs” our provided to our clients

Voter emails give your campaign a high degree of flexibility!

In this fast moving world of elections, there is no other tool that can deploy such a rapid response. You can decide on a new strategic direction in the morning, develop your message in the afternoon, and have your email broadcast waiting in your opponents in box that night or in the morning.

Increases traffic to your web site!

Most candidates, campaigns, causes, or organizations will have some kind of web site. Voter emails will help drive additional traffic to your web site, and help you build your organization.

Voter emails don’t hurt the environment!

Unlike other forms of direct marketing, email do not produce Any waste material ,require recycling, or cause any environmental problems.

Voter email messages can be easily forwarded.

Your clients will become advocates for your business.


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