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Q. Do you give credit for undeliverable email addresses?
A. You may receive a few "undeliverable" responses after your mailing. The percentage will be extremely small, as we are continually cleaning our lists. We are not set up to credit a few pennies or even a buck or two, and will not be issuing credits for those few addresses. In the world of snail-mail lists, a 5 percent undeliverable rate is acceptable. Our lists do not approach even a 5 percent undeliverable rate!

Q. When will my e-mail message be sent?
A. Upon final approval, Your voter email message will generally be sent to the email list within two business days. Most messages are sent Monday through Friday evenings by 7:00 PM (Eastern Time).

Q. How will I know that my messages have been sent out?
A. A copy of your voter opt-in e-mail marketing message will be sent to your e-mail address when your campaign is distributed and you'll receive a delivery confirmation report.

Q. What results can I expect?
A. While, response rates to your mailing will vary by the offer and your voter email message/copy, sending targeted opt-in email typically results in a 3%-7% response rate. However, if you are including links to your web site, or have a video message, your response will vary.

Q. How large can my message be?
A. There is no limit in length. However, it is important to remember that people do not want to read long blocks of text so it is better to keep your message short. Please visit our EMAIL GUIDELINES AND TIPS for some pointers.

Q. Are there any other restrictions on the message I can send?

A. Your message must not encourage people to send unsolicited e-mail to others. The message must be appropriate for the list to which you are sending. While a list of lawyers might seem like a good place to send your golf club offer, we can send golf club offers only to those who have specifically requested it. The lawyers' list is not appropriate in this case.

Q. Can I send HTML or Flash email?
A. Yes, we can send HTML, Flash and plain text messages only for readability across all platforms.

Q. How do I include a hotlink to my web site?
A. You can include as many hotlinks as you'd like. To include your Web site address, type in your URL proceeded with http://. For example: http://www.emailersdirect.com To make your e-mail address "clickable," add mail to: in front of the e-mail address. For example: mail to: sales@mailersdirect.com

Q. Who can I contact should I have questions?
A. You can contact one of our marketing specialists by emailing:
sales@emailersdirect.com or by calling Marty at-----


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