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Dear Friend:

This may be the most important message you read this campaign season! A new and effective form of voter contact is available. Delivered quicker and cheaper than direct mail, allowing the same two-way communication of a phone bank, for a fraction of the cost, and having the same capability as radio and television for a much lower cost.

About the New Campaign Weapon:

  1. Cheaper and better than Direct Mail
  2. Delivered immediately
  3. less expensive  than electronic adds
  4. Cheaper than Robo-Calls
  5. It’s effectiveness is measured and tracked
  6. Easily personalized
  7. Quick turnaround


From a simple email post card to an audio or video message, from surveys to fundraising, your campaign can acquire a new high tech weapon that will help your enhance your winning capabilities.

  • Our lists are compiled as a by product of commercial surveys of internet users, and other commercial databases.
  • Our e-mail addresses are matched against our voter files and our commercial databases, with our records utilizing name, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses.
  • Our email lists are sent e-mail messages saying that campaigns, organizations and different interest groups would like to contact them.
  • These e-mail recipients have the option of opting out by clicking on a link or replying to the e-mail.
  • This process is used to UPDATE and clean our lists.
  • Our voter and contributor lists are available nationwide for any political subdivision.
  • Not only can you deliver voter contact messages, you can solicit  known campaign contributors.
  • From Barrack Obama to Ron Paul, candidates have shown us that on line fund raising is the wave of the future.

“Our experienced staff will work with you in designing your message, how best to display your message, your subject line, and your selection criteria.”

The feedback you receive from your voter email message will help you adjust and change important components of your campaign. Once your email message has been sent, you will receive a email validity tracking report that will confirm  all names were sent and that the mailing was 100% completed. In addition, the number of emails that were opened, and the number of “click through” are provided to our clients. Driving voters to your web site in your email message is important, and will help to increase you name identity, and in building a grass roots organization.

From simply informing voters of basic information such as early voting options and polling place locations, through videos to building a base of genuine committed supporters and new donors, to other advanced and yet unexplored options, this is the campaign technology of the future!


Reason One: Emailers Direct provides campaigns and candidates with the most up to date and accurate voter email addresses in the country that adhere to the highest industry standards for responsible use..”  Emailers direct and their sister company have compiled over 42 million voter e-mail addresses that are now available.

Demographic selections from these voter email addresses include; Party Affiliation, veterans, and active military personnel, political donors, African Americans, Hispanics, sex, marital status and the presence of children.”

Emailers direct and their sister company have compiled over 42 million permission based voter e-mail addresses that are now available.

Demographic selections from these voter email addresses include; Party Affiliation, veterans, and active military personnel, political donors, African Americans, Hispanics, sex, marital status and the presence of children.

Reason two: Emailers-Direct.com has an experienced staff that has over 50 combined years in direct marketing and e-mail marketing.


Emailers Direct Otto Gustafson - Our director of computer services, has extensive experience in the field of Information Technology. Using software engineering principles,Otto has implemented several new solutions dealing with voter email files, andVoter data files. Prior to joining Mailers-Direct.Com, Otto worked for IBM as a systems engineer, and went on to work as a Data Base project Engineer for Continental Bank in Chicago .Otto has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cornell College in Iowa.
Emailers Direct Kurt Ricker – CEO - Has been actively involved in supervising numerous direct marketing and email marketing campaigns for candidates seeking national, state, and local offices. Kurt has also worked in numerous grassroots advocacy and ballot initiative campaigns.

Emailers Direct Donna Ricker – President , is Director of Operations and has over twenty years of experience in marketing, research and management. Donna has a degree in applied science, and received her certification as a licensed registered nurse and a certified C.N.A. instructor.

Emailers Direct Marty Drazek – Vice President of Sales Marketing – Marty has been called a “creative innovator” for the many successful email marketing campaigns he has directed. His involvement at the precinct organizing level, and his frontline experiences in numerous federal and state campaigns has given Marty a Unique perspective in providing creative solutions for voter email campaigns. Marty received his bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.



Emailers DirectDownloadable Free Special Bonus Report. “How to get your emails opened and read” This report is valued at $19.95. This report uncovers the newest tricks and trends in e-mail marketing.”

Emailers Direct Free Demographic Count Report for registered voter e-mail addresses in your selected District. The report will shown different demographic counts, such as the number of Republicans and democrats in your district that have email addresses

Emailers Direct Setting-up an account for your organization so that we can track which lists you have rented and when you have mailed to them.

Emailers Direct Preparing your message for sending via the Internet. A marketing representative from www.emailersdirect.com will be assigned to give you help and direction, and answer any questions you will have about the voter email preparation process.

Emailers Direct Tracking and Marketing Reports for you when the campaign is completed. These reports will show the number of emails opened ,how many of clicked through,

Emailers Direct Unlimited phone support to our marketing staff.

Emailers Direct Archiving of your mailed lists. This permits you to go back and mail any part of the list that you want.

Emailers Direct Selection of a list based on criteria provided by you. You can target your voters, mail them according to their age, sex, income, or whatever makes the best sense for the campaign.

Emailers Direct Sending your marketing message via the Internet to the participants on your selected lists.

We also maintain associations with major consultants who have worked a variety of campaigns in a number of states including Illinois, Indiana, California, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, and Minnesota.

THREE MONTH, NO RISK UNCONDITIONAL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Our voter email guidelines and strategies are not theories written by some geek in a white lab coat who has never seen the inside of a campaign headquarters. Our team has been through it all. They know how it feels… the sweat, the discipline, the tears, the frustration.

Some of our experiences in the voter email campaigns include;
Emailers Direct Successfully elected a judge through voter emails targeting women with links in her email message that drove voters to her web site in astonishing numbers.
Emailers Direct Our voter email addresses, in conjunction with direct mail, were successful in securing enough petition signatures to put up a county wide ballot initiative.
Emailers Direct Used our voter emails to build a statewide grassroots organization for a gubernatorial campaign.
Emailers Direct Successfully used voter emails to help defeat an incumbent state legislator by driving voter traffic to a negative web site about the incumbent.

These are just a few practical examples of where voter emails helped to make a difference.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize your email and marketing reports. Ask questions in the district. Talk to neighbors and friends. Complete all the due diligence that is necessary. Test our performance to the max!

If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write me and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if your email broadcast kicked butt and
Helped your campaign, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved – and tell all your friends too.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Best Regards,

Kurt Ricker

P.S. Give yourself the cutting edge technology advantage with voter emails! With this competitive advantage you can kick butt quickly and maximize your candidate or ballot proposition strengths, while emphasizing your opponent’s weaknesses.

Save Money! Costs of voter emails are 60% less than traditional forms of direct marketing because you eliminate the cost of printing, postage, and handling.

I’m tired of all the marketing hype and BS in this Industry about direct mail. Postage Rates are about To increase again, and an increase in the cost of paper for printing is right behind the postal increases! Take the leap and fill out the enclosed contact form, or call Marty (1-866-631-9540) for an appointment.

P.P.S. Remember, with the “no questions asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You have nothing to loose by at least trying our voter email programs.

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